Magazine rack


Magazine rack


Teal and gold upcycled magazine rack. 


Just in today at Grandma's Attic 🪻💙🪻

A 1930s Art Deco writing bureau upcycled using Valspar Blue Hue and adorned with gold vintage hardware.

This piece had a dark brown woodstain and had definitely seen better days. Now restored and given a new look,it is ready for a new home.

The front opens up to reveal small shelves and compartments and there's a leather insert to rest on whilst using.

Dimensions are:
Height 41"
Depth 17"
Width 29.5"

Price: £130

Delivery available across Yorkshire.

This small occasional table is now available from Grandma's Attic and will be on display at Kantelis Collectables of Birstall.

An original 1970s retro piece given a makeover and decorated with a fresh floral decoupage top.

Dimensions are:
Height 13 inch
Depth 16 inch
Width 21.5 inch


Another stunning vintage piece from Grandma's Attic.

This is an unusual one as it appears to look like two side tables when in fact it is one solid piece. The markings are beautiful and the front drawers are away from each other at a very slight angle. The arc of the legs adds elegance and this would be a lovely addition to the home. 


Dimensions are: 

Height 67cms

Width 67cms

Depth 52cms



Newly restored GPlan side table.

Upcycled side table featuring barley twist legs and piecrust top then decoupaged with a bright fruity paper.

Now for sale from Grandma's Attic .

This stunning sideboard is around 120 years old and remained with the same family during this time.
There are two side cupboards,one of which houses a wine rack,one front compartment and two drawers.
The drawer pulls have been replaced with antique handles and stand out against the intricate hand carved decorative wood patterns.
On the top,there are two ornamental shelves that stand on decorative carved urn like pieces.
This historic piece cannot be bought elsewhere and is a unique one off item.
The dimensions are:
Height 122 cms
Width 154 cms
Depth 57.5 cms

Price: £695

Delivery: We can deliver to mainland UK using our reputable courier (DAP Transport) and a quote can be given from us to you.
Or,this can be picked up in person from Grandma's Attic

A vintage Captain's Chair restored and polished to a high sheen.


Upcycled pine desk painted in Rugged Olive from Valspar

H31" D18" W45"

A handmade vintage desk with makers mark (S and L 1945) engraved on the back of the drawers. A one off piece that's has been restored and sealed with beeswax. 


Sold out

Coffee table (SOLD)

Sold out

Coffee table (SOLD)


Upcycled coffee table with decoupage top 

This nest of tables had seen better days and was given a fresh new look to bring it back to life. Simple yet elegant.

Nest of tables (SOLD)

A small plain pine bedside table transformed into a chic piece of art for your home. £35

Upcycles (SOLD)

SOLD A gorgeous 120 years old antique chest of drawers. Stripped back and given a fresh new look. 

The following upcycles are works completed over the years. All pieces given a makeover to look fabulous in their new homes! 

Corona sideboard upcycled as a commission for a client.

Children's kitchen given a makeover for a young lady. 

The client inherited this table from her late dad and requested that the marks on the top be kept as a reminder of him. 

A couple of decorative pieces for a small room in the clients home.

This table was the typical pine orange colour to begin with. This was stripped right back and given a lighter look.

An Ercol dresser gifted to newlyweds in 1964, brought up to date at their daughter's request after they passed. 

A coffee table given a new look after being destined for the tip! Now in a new home and being used daily.

A roadside pick up turned into a unique piece that now belongs to a young boy and will be treasured for many more years.

This was definitely something completely different for me! The client was one of four siblings who's father had recently passed. They wanted something to remember him by that was unique and would be a conversation starter! So, working together,an idea formed to turn these extremely beautiful boules into tea-light holders! I collaborated with a fellow artist, and this was the result! Some happy (and tearful!) siblings! 

My absolute favorite upcycle! Taken from an 18th century Manor,this stunning dresser was over 120 years old and needed a fair bit of repairs before being transformed into the beauty it became. This soon sold and headed off to Holmfirth to a quaint cottage to be used and adored for many more years. 

Another commission piece. This Ercol dresser was a gift to clients parents on their wedding day in 1964! After a consultation,the client chose the look and finish they wanted and was very happy with the results. 

I adored this piece! Found in the back of an out building in the Yorkshire Dales looking very dull,I took this to the shed and once I started the cleaning and sanding, decided that the wood underneath was beautiful enough and just went with a wax for protection. That country cottage feels really stayed with this cupboard and will be looking for a new home very soon. 

Oh the orange woodstain of this coffee table almost hurt my eyes! A lot of work was actually done on this table to get the finished look. The client wanted a smooth as glass finish for the top...cue LOTS of sanding with various grits of sandpaper. I finished with a 2000 grit for a super smooth finish then sealed with bees wax. Lovely!

Almost went to the skip... until it was rescued by Grandma's Attic,cleaned up,re painted and given a whole new look ready for many more years of use!

As part of a commission,this unit was cleaned up and re painted along with a number of other pieces. The client then had full living room and bedroom furniture that finally all matched! 

This rather plain looking bedside table was given a completely different look and also given a new set of legs...then found it's new home the next day!