Grandma's Attic began in 2018 when I was asked by a friend to paint a small vanity for a young girl. The satisfaction I got from doing it made me want to do more...and more...and then some more! What began in a spare bedroom has now become a full on workshop and a shop! 

The name of Grandma's Attic comes from a deep connection with my family. As a youngster,I enjoyed many happy, fun filled evenings in the attic room of my grandparents terraced house in Morecambe. It was a haven for myself,my siblings and my cousins.

Fast forward to the present day and I'm now a very proud Grandma myself to the two most beautiful children on the planet! 

Growing up into adult hood,I've indulged in many arts and crafts. I've done art exhibitions across Yorkshire,designed and sold jewellery, been commissioned for portraits and produced abstract art in people's homes. 

I now work alongside a successful antique dealer,Kantelis Collectables,sourcing various treasures from across Yorkshire and transforming the pieces I find into modern day pieces. 

I also produce rustic handmade wall decor and upcycle old furniture. I do this either by commission or transform pieces that I pick up from the many people that know what I do and just hand items over! 

So, welcome to Grandma's Attic,I hope you enjoy my work! 😊


Grandma's Attic can be found on both Facebook and Instagram

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